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Saturday, April 11, 2009

About me and this blog.....

I'm an artist, illustrator, writer and some day I hope to become a film maker as well. These are the four major things which keep me busy. Besides these I always run 'little projects' such as story-telling, making dolls and jewelry.

Furthermore I like to visit old churches, graveyards, libraries, botanical gardens, local farm markets where you can find all sorts of delicious food and I am very fond of puppet theatres and campfire stories.

For those who are interested in all the projects I have worked, or I am currently working on I advice you to take a look at my resume.

As most of you probably know I also run my own shop at several places on internet such as, Etsy and Dawanda. Here you can find a selection of my latest art-works and shadow-puppets which are for sale, but if you wish to see all my (older) work you should visit my website.

Currently a new section is added at my shop: Art with a story.
This section is al about my art and love for folklore. All works which you can find here are depicting scenes from legends, myths or historical events which are connected with folklore in some way. For those who share the same love and are interested in the prints I sell it might be nice knowing that all prints are accompanied by the story behind the drawing.

Why this section? Why this blog?, you might ask....
Because this is what I love, this is what keeps me busy whole day long, this is in a way my life. Though I also like to make drawings of images which are not related with folklore but come from my own imagination, I just seem to be drawn to the subject of folklore every time. There is not a single day in my life I am not reading in some book about myths and legends and many times a year I visit archives to search for local, historical events related to folklore. I spend many days in libraries as well, seeking for that one special story and when I'm on a holiday I can't help ending up at a place where a statue of some witch or knight stands flaunting with her tale and so I end up doing research again.

All of this I do while an old record player plays the folk song collection of Alan Lomax in the background.

I guess when you read so many stories and listen to this many songs, the urge to illustrate all of these things comes automatically. I would love to explain why I love this subject so much, but I find it hard as I am driven by pure emotion. Maybe I'm attracted because these stories are as old as mankind which gives me a feeling of being connected with the past. Maybe because it makes me understand human desires, frustrations, hope and love and in this way learn to understand myself. Maybe because I am seeking for a way to escape reality every once in a while, like many of us do when they read a good book. But I know for certain that I am mainly attracted to these stories because of there pure beauty. No literary work has the attraction or beauty of oral tradition. Simply because a writer is constantly busy with writing a good story, having a strong plot and making beautiful sentences.
In legends all of these things don't matter they are purely coming from the heart of the narrator, or in case of music the singer. They reflect their emotions, being it fear or happiness. These stories are not only his story but the story of the people, of a country, of mankind and therefore so much bigger and greater.

And perhaps I am also still young at heart, longing for a rabbit hole which leads me to wonderland.....

It is my mission to share these marvelous stories with people and to keep these legends and songs alive in my works of art, as a drawing, book, article or a film production. As long as these legends don't get lost.

So come and follow me on this great adventure and I will tell you all I have heard.

Yours Truly,


  1. This is so amazing. It's always inspiring with blogs like yours. I wish you best of luck!

  2. Is gorgeous to see you around blogger. Very welcome.

    Also, the idea this blog is made after is lovely. I'll certainly keep in touch!

  3. Thank you, I'm glad to see you here as well.

  4. Hello there,
    wandering the internet, i find your blog thru kunstzinnig.nl
    Your art is very special, i like it a lot!
    Sweet greetz from Momo Luna (ook Hollands ;-))

  5. Wow! I love your shadow puppets and illustrations! You have a wonderful imagination and great talent! So glad to have found your blog.

  6. Wow! I love your illustrations and shadow puppets!! You have a wonderful imagination and great talent. I'm happy to have found your blog...

  7. Thank you all for your kind words :)

  8. You're wonderful, Isabella!!! I love your shadow puppets, your illustrations... all your projet!!! I'm a plastic artist, I'm in a puppet's teathre group, and I live in the Alice's Mirror. Some day, would you like pass THROUGH? I'll be very pleased and honored with your visit.

  9. I rarely go to Etsy even though I love hand crafted things. Your shadow puppets drew me in. Exquisite. Finding out about you today well it's something to cheer about! All the best to you!


  10. lovely

    just so sweet and beautifully well done !

  11. Hi Isabella, I loved your illustrations! So wonderful your art! Do You have an great talent!
    Can I put your works in my blog?

  12. Hello there! :)
    I just wanted to say how much i love your illustrations! ..just absolutly lovly! and your website and this blog of course is simply great! hehe ..finally someone in the world who adores folk legends and everything in another world as much as me haha..conglatuations in all your work ..has certainly cheered me up coming across you and your work THANKS!..Best wishes Sarah xx

  13. you penned it so honestly and perfectly that is exactly why im obsessed wth folkore,myth,legend there is a wisdom i have never found in literature.how wonderful.

  14. Your work is great and truly resonates with my own love for folktales. Lovely to meet you!
    xo Inge

  15. I found your shadow puppets some months back and kept the label so that I could read your blog. Finally here I am and it's such a treat! Thank you. Your work is inspirational, and I have one son and two little friends of his who are eagerly awaiting for the next shadow puppet purchase so I can tell new stories.

  16. I just got your shadow puppets in the mail...they are lovely, as is your blog. I am an art teacher in Brooklyn, NY, and I am getting my class ready to create some shadow puppets of their own. Yours of course, will be used as inspiration. Check out my blog in a month or so, and I'll post some pics of our puppets. www.msflynnartstudio.blogspot.com

    Thank you for creating a world of wonder. Makes me realize you never have to grow up.