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Project: Tell me a story...

In July 2009 Isabella started a project named: Tell me a story....

The project's goal was to collect enough fascinating, known and unknown folk tales from all over the world to fill an illustrated book. Instead of taking stories from books the project's aim was  to collect these stories directly from the people. On a regular basis Isabella illustrated a submitted story and published the result on her blog. He or she who submitted a story, in return,  received a free print of the illustration. 

Now, after almost a year, the project is finally reaching its last stages. Enough stories are collected and all illustrations are made.  At this moment Isabella and her 'team' are working on the layout and cover of the book and the texts are in the hands of the editor.

If all goes according to plan the book will be released at December, 2010
(Further updates will be posted on Isabella's Blog.)

To view all illustration and stories, please follow this LINK