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Friday, July 10, 2009

Food and Folklore: Blue Fingers

Today, a new topic is added to my folklore blog, namely: Food & Folklore! This part of my blog is all about food which is related to folklore in some way. Have you always wanted to know how certain dishes got their name, the urban-myths connected with food in the present, how the birth of a child was traditionally celebrated with tea in Lebanon, or why it is that they eat cross buns in England during Easter, then you are at the right place.
At this part of my blog I will not only tell you about the history and legends connected with food but also allow you to download the recipes (for free), so you can make them yourself. All recipes are accompanied by small illustrations depicting the tales behind them. So it will be fun to collect them!

The first recipe I give you is from Dutch origin. It tells us how a cookie named blue finger got it's curious name....

(Blue Fingers)

The Story:

Blue fingers is the name of a Dutch delicacy, but also the nickname for people who come from Zwolle, a city in Holland. How these people got their nickname is explained in the following tale:

Once, two Dutch cities, Kampen and Zwolle were true rivals. They deprived one another of their cattle and money and when they met one another it was almost certain a fight would ensue.
This went on for a long time, although sometimes there was also a moment of "peace" between them.
It was during such a period the people of Zwolle went to 'governing-board' of Kampen to ask if they wanted to buy the church bells from Zwolle. Their clock tower had burned down and so the bells were of no use to them. As they were very poor they could really use the money.
Kampen agreed on one condition; they could pay in any currency they liked. Those of Zwolle made no problem of this and they closed the deal, but would regret it very soon.
Kampen did pay, but in the smallest currency which existed at that time. So, the people of Zwolle had to count coins for days on end, maybe even weeks. It is said that their fingers got blue from counting all these copper coins. And of course the people of Kampen were delighted because of their prank.

The cities are no longer rivals but the name, blue fingers, survived. Nowadays it is the name of a cookie which reminds us of this curious event which happened a long time ago...

Download the recipe here: Link
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  1. I love this! *strains mind for a tale* All I can think of are tales I've read, hopefully something will come to me :)