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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tell me a story; Mula-Sem-Cabeça

So far we have had stories from Portugal, Hungary, Germany, Chile, Brittany, the Netherlands, California and France. Thus the stories are really from all over the world. Once more we cross the ocean (from my perspective) and go to Southern-America, as the next story is from Brazil. This story is a rather peculiar one as it feutures a headless-fire spitting-mule, yes it really does;the 'Mula-sem-cabeça'.

Though most stories are submitted sometimes I come across a very interesting story myself which I just love. In these cases I ask the writer/teller if it is ok for me to use the story. This story is one of these. And though the writer of the story wishes to remain anonymous I want to thank her again for enabling me to use her story.

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Story Title:
Submitted by: Anonymous
Country: Brazil

The mula-sem-cabeça, translated to English as: mule without head, is a legend in Brazilian folklore. Its origin is European, but very evident throughout Brazil.
It is similar to a mule in size and shape, but for one peculiarity, it is without a head and it spits fire by its neck. It's hooves are shod with horseshoes which are silver or steel and the mule is most commonly a brown or black color.
According to the legend, any woman who is dating a priest would be transformed into this monster. Thus women should see the priests as a kind of "holy" instead of as a man. If committed any sin with the thought of a priest in their mind or with the priest himself they would become a 'Mula-sem-cabeça'.
This curse can only be broken if someone removes the bridle, and the woman will reappear, sorry for her "sins."