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Friday, March 5, 2010

Tell me a story; The Kelpie's Wife

There are some tales of which you have heard many versions, so many you think you must have heard them all. This was my first thought when I received the tale about the Kelpie's Wife. But I was wrong. Again it was a tale I did not know and one which caught me by surprise. It sure makes you wonder how many tales about the Kelpie are out there. Probably hundreds and even then they can still surprise you and tell you some new things you have never heard before......

For those of you who are not familiar with the 'Kelpie-Myth': "The kelpie is a supernatural water horse from Celtic folklore that is believed to haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland. (WikiQuote)".

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(Those who still wish to submit their story, please be quick because the final deadline is set on March 14th, 2010.)

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Story Title: The Kelpie's Wife
Submitted by: Anonymous
Country: Scotland

There once was a Kelpie's wife, who lived beneath the loch with her baby son, whom she loved dearly. The Kelpie's wife loved her husband but she missed the warmth of the sun and her family, for the Kelpie had stolen (this is the custom of Kelpies who steal their wives) her away from them without so much as a farewell.

One day, when her husband was out hunting victims, the cold and the darkness became unbearable and she fled to the surface, leaving behind her baby son, for she knew the Kelpie loved his son and would care for him. Once at the surface she basked in the warmth of the sun and soon made her way to her parents cottage. Her family were overjoyed to see her, for they thought she had died and so they held a great Celidh.

The Celidh dragged on into the night and the Kelpie's wife soon forgot her husband and child with the joy of being reunited with her family. During the night there came a great storm and suddenly, from outside the cottage, they could hear the champing of a horse's hooves.

Her husband had found his wife gone and was furious, for he loved her so greatly that he viewed her escape as the ultimate crime. Taking the form of a black stallion he banged on the cottage door but he could not enter, for he had not been given permission to enter and cross the threshold. He called for her in rageful screams. The Kelpie's wife was frightened and also sad for she loved her husband but wished to stay with her family. Eventually, during the night, they heard a great 'thud' as something hit the door. After this, there was silence.

In the morning when the Kelpie had returned to the loch, they found lying on the ground, the decapitated head of the Kelpie's son. In revenge for his wife's betrayal he had slain his only son. This was the price to pay for breaking a Kelpie's heart. The Kelpie's wife lived contently and was never again bothered by the Kelpie, who had learnt his lesson of love.


  1. What a heartbreaking story this is.... I cannot believe the Kerlpie's wife to live on contently. But the story is beautiful in it's darkness and your art as always great!

  2. You amaze me every time