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Monday, April 26, 2010

Under Construction

As some of you might have seen I am currently 'redecorating' my blog. It is far from perfect right now but during this week, many new sections, galleries and such will be added to this blog.

The blog is not the only thing which is redone but the packaging of my shadow-puppets as well. Once everything is finished I will do a shadow puppet give-away to cellebrate!

A small preview of the new packaging.


  1. Hey Isabella,

    Hoe doe ik mee aan de give-away??
    En wat een mooie redecorating!


  2. I'm sorry for not giving you much comments lately, I'm very busy and I like to take my time to comment your work (I have some of them saved in my DA box to do it when I have more time). But I wanted to say that the new layout looks wonderful so far and hte same goes for the lovely new packings.