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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hunting Legends in Southern France

This is just a small post I am writing to let you all know I will be leaving Holland and spend the next two weeks in Southern France. It is going to be a trip filled with legends, myths and mysterious cults!

I am taking my journal and drawing tools with me so I can make illustration of the stories I find during this trip and keep a journal of all the things I have seen and heard.

So, do come back and take a peek after a week or two, because I will be putting fragments of my travel-journal on my blog and you can read about the many legends I encountered and see the sketches I have made.

Also, an update of my book will follow and maybe I can show you all some tiny details of the cover design.....

But for now, Au revoir!


  1. Have an amazing, inspiring time Isabella! I'm very jealous! xx

  2. I am a first-time commentor, but have a lovely time! It will be lovely I am sure.